How to be an ugly American

How not to be an ugly American

Wear shorts, tank tops, and flip-flops everywhere.

Dress in a manner respectful of local customs.  When visiting cathedrals wear long pants or a skirt and keep your shoulders covered.

If the person your are trying to communicate with in English doesn’t understand you, try shouting.

Learn a few words and phrases in the local language (hello, goodbye, please, thank you, you’re welcome, 1, 2, 3, good, bad)

Try to find American food or its equivalent.  Eat at McDonald’s.  Complain when you can’t get ketchup or ranch dressing.

Try the local cuisine, eat the specialties of the region, don’t complain when something tastes different.

Try to pay for everything with dollars or travelers checks.

Use the local currency, learn the exchange rate.

Assume that your manners that are fine in the USA are fine everywhere.

Learn something about the local culture and manners and apply what you learn.

Assume that your political beliefs are correct and you need to share them with everyone else in the world.  Try to convert others to the “American way.”  Assume that the way we do things in the USA is the best way to do things.

Open your mind to the idea that not everyone in the world will see things the way that you do, and they might be right.  Respect other’s beliefs and treat everyone with dignity.