Top 10 signs your name is Bruce.

    10.     Lots of times when people see you, they say, "Hi, Bruce."

      9.     You receive junk mail that reads: "You may already have won, Bruce."

      8.     When your girlfriend breaks up with you, the letter begins "Dear Bruce..."

      7.     Hippies who attend all your concerts are known as "Bruceheads."

      6.     Let's say you're playing baseball, you're the shortstop and there's a pop up between you and the third baseman. You drift under it to make the catch when suddenly the third baseman comes over and says, "I got it, Bruce."

      5.     Your name rhymes with goose, but it's not The Juice, Moose, or Zeus.

      4.     You always get a friendly slap on the back and knowing wink whenever you run into Bruce Springsteen.

      3.     It seems like every time you get hit on the head with something, it's right after someone yells "Look out Bruce!"

      2.     You embark on a career in rap music as Snoop Doggy Bruce.

      1.     You sign all your letters to Playboy "Jim".